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A Northern Lakes Mystery Series by Jeff Nania


I have enjoyed all of Jeff Nania’s Northern Lakes mysteries but Musky Run is his best yet. Jeff’s great appreciation for the natural world, both its beauty and danger, shines through all the books, but this one also offers a a thrilling Northwoods race and a page-turning finale that will prove either the swansong or salvation of his memorable protagonist, John Cabrelli.

— Doug Moe | Journalist and Author

Musky Run

Best Great Lakes Fiction • 2023 Independent Publisher Book Awards

Musky Run (Book 4) 

Olympic medalist Anna MacDonald comes home to Namekagon County to emcee the Great Wilderness Race as predators stalk the Northwoods. Sheriff John Cabrelli and the new Musky Falls chief of police work swiftly to keep the community calm as they try to piece together the clues before it is too late. 

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Bough Cutter

Best Great Lakes Fiction • 2022 Independent Publisher Book Awards 

Bough Cutter: A Northern Lakes Mystery book

Bough Cutter (Book 3) 

Just as Namekagon County sheriff John Cabrelli adjusts to his new job, a body is discovered in the woods — and he must race against time to unravel the case when the lives of even more victims are claimed within the wilderness.

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Spider Lake

2021 Independent Publisher Book Awards Winner 

Spider Lake (Book 2) 

Former police officer John Cabrelli is recuperating at Spider Lake when a string of mysterious events in a nearby town draws him into a case involving a missing federal agent and a secluded cabin… An unputdownable crime thriller!

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Figure Eight 

2020 Midwest Book Award Winner

Figure Eight (Book 1) 

As former police officer John Cabrelli struggles in the wake of a career-ending event, he retreats to his late uncle’s lakeside cabin in Wisconsin… but it’s far from the peaceful refuge he expects. Danger awaits — along with the truth behind his uncle’s death.

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